The art of living

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Live for moments.

Steal a smile from a red plant.

Cherish the time you spent acting foolish with your baby niece.

Don’t lose that opportunity to laugh, every minute lost being angry is gone, poof, into thin air.

Find joy in buying a new book.

Gush through the wind with your hair a mess and admire it.

Play your favorite song and drive slow tonight.

Or simply play any John Mayer’s track.

Take yourself out on a Sunday evening for coffee.

Treat yourself the cupcake you were avoiding since a week.

Scribble. Your notebook is not gonna judge you for being weak.

Stay in bed a little longer.

Its okay to not be okay.

Gaze at the mirror, accept the marks on your face and move on.

There’s so much more to life than a flawless skin.

Wear that toon tee shirt for dinner tonight.

Your comfort matters. People will talk anyway.

If you are the silent one, they are going to judge you all they can.

You gave them the blank canvas. Enjoy the attention.

No matter what they say, Don’t forget to smile.

Whenever you are gloomy, talk to that friend you haven’t talked in a long time.

Whatever happens today or tomorrow, Make Art.

Keep making art.