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An array of lights have lit up the beach road
the water level has risen tonight
waves have an other worldly calm
relaxing after a long hectic day
relentlessly flowing in my direction
the reflection of so many colors of lights
form beautiful parallel lines
I keep staring at the water
He is cold, I am managing just fine

After a long enough stare
my gaze turned to the dark blue sky
so many stars have showed up today
moon has called for an assembly
talking about moon, Oh, its swollen in pride
It feels like a supermoon every month
bright lights illuminating the city
today have a weak demeanor

Cold breeze this night
has left me chilling to the bone
in awe, I wish the clock stops
this night should last a little longer

until I breathe in all the salt air
and my lungs are stained with paints
of green sea, blue sky
and the milky white celestial.

2 Replies to “Supermoon

  1. Beautifully written and captured ! I felt i was experiencing the the place while reading the lines ..
    Amazing collection of photographs 🙂

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