Sunday Morning At Wake Up Cafe

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“Art + Coffee”

Location : Parnell, Auckland

I have come to realise that the most amazing way to kick start a Sunday is by living up a mug of coffee and I wouldn’t mind a loaf of blueberry banana bread to go with my drink.

So just to follow the trend I have started, I usually end up coffee’ing in some of the stunning cafes in our beautiful Auckland city. Living as a photographer and a sucker for little thing, wake up cafe is an absolute Eye candy.

From the moment I entered, my ears were fed delightful David Bowie. The place is laden with art pieces, paintings on circular canvas, gorgeous table arts, priceless props hung all around the place. They also have a sunlit outdoor seating to enjoy the summer weather Auckland has to offer.

The wall facing the entrance of the cafe is decorated with oil paintings of various golden age musicians. Wake up cafe serves as an art gallery as well, hence it‘s a must visit for those who want to have an amazing brunch and get some inspiration.

We ordered are usual coffees a mochachino and latte, a blueberry loaf and a cinnamon roll. There was literally no wait time and the service was impeccable. Even the table next to us, who ordered breakfast meals were served within 10 minutes which make a customer keep coming back to the cafe

Wake up cafe has a beautiful collection of music related books as well. Biography of Freida Kahlo, books on Bob Marley and John Lennon and “Into thin air” by Jon Krakauer caught my attention. From super cool mug to glass bottles, music related T-shirts and clocks, this place had with me drooling and i am definitely going there next time to buy gifts for my artist friends.

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