Explore Auckland’s West Coast Beaches

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Wild West Coast of New Zealand is famed for its rugged character and We, Aucklanders are blessed with beautiful black sand beaches, every surfer’s paradise.

It’s amazing how these beaches being in the largest city of New Zealand, still feel remote. Just an hour’s drive away, taking you through the windy roads and paddocks full of grazing sheep, the journey is just as exciting as the beaches.



Last summer, I spent almost every Friday gazing at the sunset sky at Muriwai. The magnificent cliff views and miles of ocean as far as the eye can see, this beach has got something for everyone. The rough and rocky coastline with streams and rivers is absolutely dreamy for those 4 wheel enthusiasts. One of New Zealand’s most splendid surf beaches, it’s also home to a huge gannet colony which resides here from August till March attracting a lot of tourists. In low tide, you can access the cave on this beach, which is a delight in golden light, a photographer’s dream. If you are not into any of these things, just park your car, grab your kind of drinks, and have a picnic overlooking the beautiful landscape Muriwai has to offer.

Have a look at our Pre-Wedding Photoshoot from Muriwai Beach.



A huge stretch of a beach and rarely any people, that’s Anawhata. The main reason why this beach doesn’t attract a lot of people is you don’t take your car to the beach. Its a 20 minutes walk through the bush to get to this beauty, and on way back, it can take you half an hour, walk being uphill.

You can explore the number of old sea caves just 20 minutes walk from the car park, out of which the largest cave was once used as a ballroom for dance parties. There are hill sized sand dunes you can climb and slide down from, but it’s not a safe beach to swim due to strong currents. A perfect weekend getaway to soak in all the sun whilst loving solitude with a book.



A fabulous stretch of sandy beach, Whatipu is almost an hour drive from the city centre and is one of the remote beaches in Auckland. Driving through the gravel road can get quite tiring, but the breathtaking scenery of Whatipu will be worth it.


Lion Rock was the first thing I actually noticed on the west coast during my maiden flight to this beautiful country, and I have been fascinated ever since. Piha is among the best surfing beaches and for those who don’t chase the waves, its always an amazing spot for sun basking and weekend pizza lunch.



Now this one is straight out of a harry potter movie, all thanks to the dramatic and moody scenery of this place. It’s a glorious black sand beach which first became famous when featured in the oscar-nominated movie, The Piano. Watchman rock standing proudly tall on the beach, and there are a number of uneven lush green peaks which add perfect contrast to the dark sand. If you planning to visit Karekare beach, do not miss the waterfalls just 5 minutes’ walk from the beach. It’s an amazing spot for couple portraits. Mudit + Anjali Pre Wedding Photoshoot



The drive to Te Henga is one of my most favorite, the windy road and mountain views make it all so worthwhile. Beach is a short walk from the car park, alongside Waitakere river, as it meets the Tasman sea here. Te Henga walkway starts from the beach, taking you through the bush and some spectacular views of the west coast, all the way to Muriwai. Another spot you need not miss near Bethell’s is Lake Wainamu, which almost feels like an oasis in the desert. You gonna love sliding the sand dunes and take your togs along for a nice swim on summer days.