Steal you

Summer is long gone no more black sand beaches or the magnificent sunsets winter rain has taken over the city clouds cover the whole of sky chilling wind blows ever harder in my face warm glowing lamps just as sad as the weather it’s gonna … Continue readingSteal you

The art of living

Live for moments. Steal a smile from a red plant. Cherish the time you spent acting foolish with your baby niece. Don’t lose that opportunity to laugh, every minute lost being angry is gone, poof, into thin air. Find joy in buying a new book. … Continue readingThe art of living

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An array of lights have lit up the beach road the water level has risen tonight waves have an other worldly calm relaxing after a long hectic day relentlessly flowing in my direction the reflection of so many colors of lights form beautiful parallel lines … Continue readingSupermoon

Free Fall

Fall in Love Let it devour you Not like you will be given options You will drown Sink in love Fail miserably Fall so deep Feel the floor Rock solid Bottom of the well Could you fall any further? Comforting, isn’t? Rise. Rise in love. … Continue readingFree Fall

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I have seen the wind

I have seen the wind through the glass window in my room how swiftly the shadows dance on the patches of grass and wildflowers. Impulse. I walk out lay flat in the long grass weed and flowers sway over my face embraced by the silhouettes … Continue readingI have seen the wind

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