Big Sur Cafe – Best Vegan Friendly Cafe in Heart of Auckland

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Located in the centre of Auckland, just 4 km from Auckland CBD, Big Sur is one such cafe we keep going back to, for its extensive vegetarian & vegan options. The cafe owners have made sure to cater the people from different parts of the world, keeping everyone’s tastebuds in mind.

The cafe has sufficient seating under the roof, and an airy little backyard space set up amidst beautiful plants. The coffee they brew at Big Sur couldn’t get any better, just the perfect flavour giving it a super-smooth texture. The menu is beautifully crafted, a couple of options from Asia, some from the Middle East and the rest from Western kitchens, they have something for everyone’s breakfast needs.

Our coffees were served within 5 minutes of us taking our seats, which was fairly quick as the cafe was occupied. We ordered buckwheat crepes & Turkish garden while we patiently waited to enjoy the sun, which we craved the whole month of August. Spring is here and I am thrilled to see the beauty of this city.


Crepes placed on maple syrup, filled with coconut cacao mousse, passionfruit & salted walnuts and topped with edible flower & blueberries, it was beautifully plated! Turkish Garden was such a fibre/protein punch, super healthy and so delectable, a happy tummy!! Red Quinoa, apple sliced like thin-cut fries, corn, kale, pickled onion and tahini dressing everything aesthetically placed on savoy cabbage. I have had Banh Xeo on my last visit to Big Sur and it was a ticket to home. Chilli crepes with pickled veggies topped with Vietnamese chutney, such gleeful food!

The lane on the opposite side of Big Sur Cafe is worth taking a walk. An array of trees on both side of the road form a stunning backdrop for portraits. The outside wall of the Rotary club has a huge mural paying tribute to the war victims. If you keep walking further on Francis Street, you will notice New Zealand’s Native birds in a forest beautiful painted on a carpark wall.
The weekend is all about idyllic roaming around the beautiful city Auckland is and We had a fantastic time today, photographs are a proof! Hope you enjoy the photostream!

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